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I couldn't think of a title. This is my blog. Open Source Software is cool; it is like bowties.

Time for Some Tests

This is just a post to test various embeddings and things.
You can probably disregard the contents.

Okay, here we go.

An image of a kitten A generic placeholder image

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I often find myself among people. Lots of people. People that do things and go places. When I am with these people, they are people. Like, seriously. Have you ever seen a person not be people? Well, I have once. There was a guy that was a person, and that concerned me. Maybe one day all things will be better, but until then, I’ll just have to cope knowing that various persons can be people, too.

function createPancake ( chocChips = false )
  return Pan.cake( create, chocChips ) * desAmnt;

’> I am going to test putting a code block in my pull quote. This is reeally advanced and should only be done by professionals.


That does not work. Don’t do this, for the love of glob.

Putting things in stars makes it italic. Sweet! dances

Mmk. That should do it.