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Interesting Sugar Labs Activities

I perused the activities pages of the Sugar Labs site and picked a few activities I thought were interesting. Physics, Jam GBA Emulator, and Kiwix.

Physics is interesting because it is somewhat like another game I enjoy immensely, Phun. There are less options than Phun, but the core “make objects that bounce around with physical properties” thing is still there.

As the XOs have little Gameboy-like buttons on them, I figured a GBA emulator would be perfect. I can’t wait to fold the screen down and try playing Rhythm Tengoku!

Lastly, Kiwix is an offline Wikipedia reader. I like the idea of that because the environments XOs are intended for may not always have an internet connection. After downloading pre-packaged pages to Kiwix, there will be lots of available reading on the XO. You know how it is with Wikipedia, a few clicks and you’re reading for hours.